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  • 06 Jul 2016 3:22 PM | Anonymous

    The mission of ACI is to develop and disseminate consensus-based knowledge on concrete and its uses. How does this happen? Here is a brief summary of a very daunting task. ACI is a Standards Developing Organization (SDO), which means we must follow generally accepted consensus guidelines. The Technical Activities Committee (TAC) is the group that manages these consensus guidelines and therefore manages ACI's mission.

    I recently attended the ACI Chapter Leadership Training, which is held annually in Farmington Hills, MI, at ACI headquarters in mid-May. This 1.5-day event was attended by U.S. and international chapter officers. There were 28 ACI members present, plus staff. This is the second year in a row that I have had the privilege of attending this event. Every chapter had the opportunity to send their leadership to this training session. The intent was for participants to return to their local chapters with tools to help improve chapter performance, to gain access to a network of fellow chapter officers to call if necessary, and receive an update of what is going on with ACI. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm, candor, and information sharing between the participants. Everyone participated and shared their best practices. Staff did a great job of coordinating this event. If your chapter has not participated in this training, I would personally recommend it for next year.

    The local ACI chapter is the initial ACI experience for many of our members. Many in the Institute consider local chapters as the roots of ACI. The local chapters are independent organizations that follow guidelines for chapter operations established by ACI. The chapter is where "the rubber meets the road." In other words, most chapter members are deeply involved with the local concrete construction community and are often the instructors and examiners for the various concrete certification programs. At present, 55 chapters serve as sponsoring groups for ACI certification programs.

    In the current ACI Strategic Plan, chapters play an important role under the Engagement pillar to strengthen the relationships between chapters, ACI national members, and staff. When this plan was approved, ACI had less than one full-time equivalent (FTE) staff member supporting chapter operations. I remember ACI Past President Ken Hover coming to the Executive Committee with a proposal to hire additional staff to support the chapters. At that time, Ken was the Chair of the Chapter Activities Committee (CAC). Today, thanks to the input of CAC, ACI now has three full-time people who support the chapters: John Conn, Director of Chapter Activities; Cheryce Haddad, Chapter Awards and Activities Coordinator; and Kanette Mwanjabala, Chapter Services Coordinator.

    The ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Program traces its roots to the local chapters. A number of chapters have held award programs for years. Suggestions were made to have the chapter winners compete for international awards. In 2015, ACI held its first Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Gala. All entries came through local chapters or International Partners. If your chapter is not currently participating, ACI's Project Awards Guide is a step-by-step online reference on how to set up an awards program.

    ACI has developed a series of 1-hour technical meeting presentations delivered by ACI staff for use by chapters. Programs are available on a first come basis and ACI will cover the speaker's travel expenses in the United States. Topics for 2016 include ACI Repair Code, Concrete Cracking, ACI Certification – Now and the Future, and Adhesive Anchor Installer and Inspector Certifications. Additional programs are being developed for 2017.

    Each year, chapters submit an Annual Report Form, which is scored to determine the official Excellent or Outstanding Chapter designations. These chapters are all recognized at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition in the spring. Will your chapter be recognized in Detroit in 2017? I personally hope that we are able to recognize more chapters. Review the criteria to receive an Excellent or Outstanding Chapter Award designation and make the necessary adjustments to qualify. I know of chapters that successfully review this on a quarterly basis.

    A new member benefit for local chapter members is currently being implemented: a free electronic version of Concrete International magazine. This will allow local chapter members who are not ACI members to stay up to date on what is happening at ACI. The only requirement for the local chapter is to provide a member list that includes e-mail addresses on an annual basis.

    I began my ACI journey at the local chapter level in Southwest Ohio in 1978. The local chapters provide the opportunity for members to meet and connect with other professionals in this rewarding industry that we have chosen as our career. I still maintain that our chapters are the front line of the Institute and are critical for ACI as we carry out our mission.

    Michael J. Schneider

  • 06 Jul 2016 3:20 PM | Anonymous


    The Concrete Convention and Exposition is coming to Philadelphia, PA this fall! All convention events will take place at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.  October 22 - 26th, 2016.



  • 07 Mar 2016 10:22 AM | Anonymous
    It has been my honor to represent the American Concrete Institute as its 92nd President during the past year. I have interacted with members from across the Institute and met people from around the world, and they all shared a vision for improving our infrastructure, and the overall quality of life, through the use of concrete.

    2015 was a very strong year for ACI, and I am pleased to share with you some key metrics:

    All of these achievements, and many others, are the result of countless hours from our volunteer members. Thank you for your interest in and commitment to the Institute.

    As a member of technical committees for more than 30 years, I was quite familiar with ACI’s reputation as a source of state-of-the-art technical information. The importance of providing unbiased technical information continues to increase with the development of new products and materials. ACI members continue to impress me with their commitment to vetting technical information thoroughly and developing comprehensive design standards to facilitate safe and reliable use of concrete.

    I have also been extremely impressed with the ongoing activities within ACI’s educational committees. ACI is moving from in-person seminars related to a single technical document to a suite of online educational options. This change allows concrete professionals to obtain the technical information that they need in a timely fashion and on a schedule that can be accommodated within their busy careers. By all reports, ACI University and the certificate programs have been extremely well received by ACI members, and I look forward to further expansion of options in this area.

    "ACI members continue to impress me with their commitment to vetting technical information thoroughly and developing comprehensive design standards to facilitate safe and reliable use of concrete."

    Perhaps the thing that surprised me the most was the passion exhibited by ACI members and Chapter members in the area of certification. A severe shortage of workers in the U.S. construction industry is projected within the next 10 years, but through its certification programs ACI is dedicated to ensuring that the concrete workforce of the future is well-trained and ready to move our industry forward. In addition, the development of country-specific certification programs has the potential to improve the quality of concrete construction worldwide.

    I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Past Presidents Jim Wight, Anne Ellis, and Bill Rushing. Each of you has served as a mentor for me. Your advice and insights have been instrumental to me during the past year. Vice Presidents Mike Schneider and Khaled Awad bring new ideas and insights to the executive committee, and I am confident that they will provide strong leadership of ACI. Finally, I want to thank all the ACI staff—an amazing group of dedicated professionals.

    Thanks again for this opportunity. I look forward to seeing many of you at the ACI Convention in Milwaukee, WI, this spring.

    Sharon L. Wood

    Sharon L. Wood

  • 27 Feb 2016 1:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click below to Register for the Spring ACI Convention

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